GOP-Endorsed Candidate for Comptroller, Kurt Miller, on Stopping Dems’ “Rubber Stamp”

May 18, 2018 - 3 minutes read

How should voters view incumbent Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.) when they go to the ballot box this fall? Lembo’s opponent, First Selectman Kurt Miller (R-Seymour), has a simple answer.

“I think he should be known as a rubber stamp for Governor Malloy and the Democratic-controlled legislature,” Miller said, in an interview with Reclaim Connecticut on Thursday. “I think that’s what Comptroller Lembo is going to be most known for. And unfortunately, that’s not what the comptroller’s office should be.”

What does Miller offer? He says he’s an “independent-minded thinker” who will “push back against a governor, push back against the legislature … to be that true fiscal guardian.”

“Democrats’ failed policies over the last 40 years,” Miller continued, “are what voters are most concerned about in November of 2018.”

“Comptroller Lembo has been on the opposite side of that, and has been a little derelict in his duties.”


Miller handily defeated his opponent at the CT GOP convention, businessman and former congressional candidate Mark Greenberg. What’s Miller’s message to his opponent as Greenberg mulls a primary challenge this summer?

“Mark put up a good campaign, but unfortunately his message didn’t resonate as strongly with the delegates,” Miller said. “And I think for the best interests of the party, and the best interests of the state of Connecticut quite honestly, that he forgo a primary challenge.”


As for Democrats, Miller thinks he has them scared.

“We must be doing something right, or there must be some concern,” Miller said. Why? Within an hour of his winning the endorsement, Connecticut Democrats put out a release tying Miller to President Donald Trump.

“Unfortunately the Connecticut Democrats are not concerned about the finances of the state of Connecticut,” Miller said. “They’re simply concerned about tying every candidate to President Trump.”

“This is not an election about Donald Trump,” Miller concluded.


Miller said he’s “very much looking forward to getting this general campaign going.”

“And,” Miller added, “I think it’s extremely important as Republicans that we have one, consistent message.”

“I fully expect the Democrats who don’t have primaries will be getting started right away,” Miller concluded. Republicans, the first selectman said, need “to match their intensity.”